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I am an Assistant Principal, history teacher, EdD student and mum, but not always in that order!

I am currently study for an EdD (part-time) which is like a PhD, but this course has been designed for people working in education. This means I get to use my research to inform my day job and vice versa. I am Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Staff Development and my favourite part of my role is empowering middle leaders at my school. 


This blog is my attempt to find sense in my research as I go along. I will use the blog to make sense of my research and use my research to make sense of what I'm seeing in schools! My thesis will explore the way in which teachers can engage with research, so it makes sense that I consider ways in which my research impacts my own practice.

I will also write pieces that support fellow EdD students, share ideas with teachers and bridge the gap between research in universities and practice in the classroom.

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