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Just go to bed!

Updated: Aug 16

Last night I was reading an article about participatory research paradigms (I know, rock and roll) and it just wouldn't go in. I was pushing to 'get it done' and was trying to finish the article regardless of how much was sinking in.

The problem with doing an EdD isn't necessarily that there isn't time to do it, but more that I have to be in the right headspace to do it properly. I have been putting off my methods section if I am totally honest because it really makes my brain itch and I have to be the best version of myself to be able to do it properly.

Then this morning, I woke up after an early night. Ate some fruit. Had a big glass of water and suddenly the same article that made me feel like Sisyphus pushing a bolder up a hill the night before seemed to just click. It made sense and I felt much better about what I was trying to do.

No big epiphany to finish. Just if it feels too hard, remember that you're not an idiot. Just go to bed and try again in the morning!

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